Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NorthCoast 24 Hour

Well, I am off to the NorthCoast 24 Hour tomorrow and to say I'm a little scared is the understatement of the year. I have rolled the dice this year and I am waiting for a let down and haven't had one yet. The Rocky Road 100 mile was a break through race for me. (13:14) Ran every step and no stomach issues and that landed me a 2:17 minute personal best in a 100 mile race. Then, I ran the Modesto Marathon four weeks later and ran a six and a half minute personal best. (2:33:01) And if that wasn't enough, five weeks after that I ran the 100k World Championships in Seregno, Italy finishing 7th (2nd American) in a time of 6:58:52. Which was another personal best by nearly 24 minutes. Now it is NorthCoast and the quickest turnaround for the toughest race of the four races to this point. I don't know what to expect, but my legs feel pretty good, BUT I know I will hurt like I have never hurt before in any race. I am prepared to suffer great pain (Well, non-injury pain:) to qualify for the U.S. 24 Hour Team traveling to Poland in September. Unfortunately, God is the only one that knows what is going to happen, but with his help I will run faster and lighter and with less pain than I could ever imagine in this timed race.

I don't know how I can compete with legends such as Howard Nippert, Serge Arbona, and Valmir Nunez, but I will try. Keep your prayers coming my way. Pray for the runners safety this weekend and my safe return home to my family on Sunday. I plan to make Modesto proud and run another personal best. (111 miles in 2007) Talk to you on Sunday.

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