Tuesday, July 24, 2012

50k Fun Run on the Tahoe Rim Trail

I had run the Tahoe Rim 100 Mile the previous four years, but this year it was the 50k. With a big 24 hour race on the horizon in October, I am using July and August to work solely on getting my speed back that I lost from the NorthCoast 24 and Western States. I also knew that my legs still had some hill training in it from WS, so I wanted to get in one last trail race. It also helped that I was on vacation at D.L. Bliss on the west shore of Lake Tahoe:) So, with my wife's blessing, I woke up at 3:50 a.m. and made my way around the shore to Spooner Lake and the start of the race.

Without going into much detail about the race, my goal was to run hard the whole time and I was able to accomplish that. I ran all but about 30 yards of the race and ran steady most of the way. I trailed from the very first mile and was able to move from second to first on the climb up to Tunnel Creek out of the Red House Loop (mile 17). When I moved into first, I pushed it for the next three to four miles to make sure I got some separation.

I just continue to find it difficult to run races at altitude (7,000 to 9,000ft) without training at all at altitude. It makes the race uncomfortable from the outset. I am pleased with run and result and especially with it only being four weeks after Western States.

It is a good start to gaining my speed back and laying the foundation of training before 24 Hours the Hard Way in October.

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