Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Light in the Tunnel is a Little Further Away

I guess that light is a little further away:) After running an intelligent race and forced to stop at 16 hours due to a left groin issue, I am signed up for Across the Years on the 29th of December. I need a full 24 hour to build my confidence for the 2013 World Championships in May. Mileage is not the is all about the time. The thing is if I run the majority of the 24 hours, the miles will take care of themselves.

What went right at 24 Hours The Hard Way? I had zero stomach issues and I was we'll hydrated throughout the race...peeing every 45 minutes or so. Also, I finished 100 miles in 14:00:50. That was about 15 minutes off my time at NorthCoast but the groin was tightening up big time the last ten miles and this course was much more challenging.

I will build on these positives and focus on heeling the groin and focusing on long race paced runs with long tempo runs built in once my body heels. I am excited about the opportunity to get better for Worlds and enjoy the nice Arizona sun:)

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