Saturday, January 5, 2013

Memory #2

12:30! I threw out this magical bulls-eye number prior to running the 100 mile at the Desert Solstice 24 Hour. I didn't really believe I could run this time. For one, it would be a 44 minute improvement on my best 100 mile time(13:14 at the Rocky Road 100 Mile in February) And that was done on fresh legs. this would be my fifth hundred of the year. If that wasn't daunting enough, I had to average 7:30 pace per mile. That seemed impossible. BUT I averaged 6:35's at the World 100k and I thought that was ridiculous. I wanted to end my year the way I started and to do that I couldn't run safe. I was going to go for it! What did I have to lose?

And go for it I did. I settled into a comfortable pace early and allowed Ian Sharman to lap me ......Nine times. I knew the pace Ian was running was realistic for him but it wasn't for me. After gaining a couple of laps back between miles 60 and 70....the rain, wind, and cooler temperatures wreaked havoc on the runners and it eventually took out Ian. Like it was all was a battle against the clock.

With two hours left, I was on pace to break the 100 mile American Record of 12:27, but it was too early to start the push. I decided with one hour left I would make the push and I did. Unfortunately, I could only keep the goal pace for five miles before the wheels started to fall off. I cruised in for a 12:29 finish and the second fastest time in US history on track. I could live with that and the fact I beat my goal time by 26 seconds:)

What a way to end the year!

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