Monday, January 14, 2013

"On the Seventh Day He Rested."

When I'm not training... I'm "rest" training. My rest training has a focus. The focus is recovery but at the same time continuing to keep my base. How can you recover and still keep your base? That is simple....very your terrain and keep the pace easy to moderate. Speed creates soreness and soreness is a sign that the muscles are under stress. Obviously this can't lead to quality recovery.

A month to two months of this type of training will enable the body to recover from your racing and set it up for a successful transition back to racing. I have found that the body adapts well to a consistent pattern of workouts. For instance, long runs on Saturdays, moderate efforts on Tuesdays, double workout on Fridays, hill work on treadmill on Wednesdays etc....the body is an amazing loves structure:)

Also, this is a good time to get your diet back on track. It is difficult to work on diet when your in the middle of your training, but during this recovery period, you can dedicate some time to your diet and therefore get through that very difficult first week or two of detox:) And when the diet is dialed in, it will be time to train for an upcoming race and the diet will be an after thought.

I have posted my four week rest training side of my blog.

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