Thursday, June 14, 2012

Make or Break Western States?

As I sit here plugging away on the keyboard of my computer writing this post, I can't help to reflect on how this year has gone. I am two days removed from the announcement that I have made my second National Team in one year. This is truly amazing since I wasn't even named an alternate to the the 2011 100k team and was able to squeeze onto the 2012 team as a second alternate after two members had to back out. My personal best in the 100k was eight minutes slower than the next person on the team and 30 minutes slower than our fastest member, yet I was able to finish second on the team and seventh in the world! What will that get me in one week when I toe the line in Squaw Valley?......SQUAT!

The nay sayers will still be out wondering if I can duplicate those performances in a truly World Class field. I surprisingly will be one of those nay sayers. I am curious to find out the answer to a number of questions. How has my body recovered after the 24 Hour National Championships just seven weeks ago? Was three weeks of hill training enough? Will the absence of any altitude training hurt me? When will my body show signs of fatigue? Can I break 18 hours for the first time? Will my stomach hold up at altitude? So many questions, and unfortunately the answer key will not be available until June 23rd. Whatever the answers may be, good or bad, it will not make or break my year. I plan to enjoy this 100 mile trip through the Sierra's. I feel no pressure for the first time going into this race. I plan to use that to my advantage. The more relaxed I feel the more energy I can save for the later stages of the race. Then, focus will be on the 24 Hour World Championshps where I plan to end my racing year with a bang!

In a couple of days I will detail what my training looks like two weeks out from a hundred mile race.

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