Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top Ten Difficulties of Western States

10.) Being seduced by the "Popsicle dealers" otherwise know as the Buffalo Chips Running Club volunteers at the top of Devils Thumb. This single handily costs me minutes each year I run this race.

9.) The 0.9 of a mile long single track hilly rocky trail leading into Highway 49

8.) Michigan Bluff to Foresthill is the closest thing to stepping foot on the sun. I see trees but they don't seem to block any sunlight.

7.) Is it me or does the river look so close on the Cal Loop, but at the same time, take FOREVER to get to?

6.) Seeing spots on the climb up to Escarpment (Modesto 46 feet above see level)

5.) One word....."Switchbacks." (Descent to the swinging bridge)

4.) The false top at Robbie Point

3.) The "Elevator Shaft" when the quads are SHHHHOOOOOOTTTTT!

2.) The six month long hype build-up

1.) Breaking 19 hours.......It's going down this year:)

See you at Western States!

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